Assignment Stress

Best Practices to Beat Assignment Stress and Complete It On-time

If you are stressed by the thoughts of upcoming assignment submission and it is affecting your studies and health, it is time to stop stressing and come up with the right practices that help to beat this stress and prepare the best way for the project. This article by experts of assignment writing services discusses the best practices that will help to manage assignment stress in a much better way and complete it on time without feeling any pressure.

Keep Your Room and Desk Clear:

Keeping your room and desk clear is very important; not just because it helps you stay organized but also because it will keep away the mess that gives you stress. The old saying, ‘a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind’ is very true and it can make a big difference when you are working on an assignment. The more clutter you have around the workspace, the less you will be able to focus and it will only cause distractions and you will fit tough to concentrate and complete the work on time.

Clear the desk and your room and get things organized; get rid of anything that is not useful such as pictures, plants, and unnecessary stationery. Use drawers to store away things and make sure only the tools and books you need for working on the assignment are left. Make sure to leave a clear desk at the end of the day so that you do not waste any time when you get to work the next day.

Read Something Interesting To Relax The Mind:

It has been proved that reading for pleasure can reduce stress by up to 68%. Reading will not only relax your mind but also ease the body, lower your heart rate and help to get rid of the tension. It will also give you some creative ideas to work on your assignment and when you get back to your desk, you will be brimming with ideas and the enthusiasm to do something good which will help to finish the assignment on time too.  The next time you feel stressed while working on an assignment, take a break and read something interesting, a book or a magazine and you will feel reenergized for getting back to work.

Limit Your Sugar Intake:

Research indicates that when you are stressed, your adrenal glands release cortisol, a stress hormone to deal with it. However, cortisol also affects blood sugar levels, and the more sugar intake spikes, the more stressed you will feel. This often happens in the morning when the body manages more stress than at any other time so it is necessary to reduce your sugar intake and maintain a balanced diet. Do not skip breaks or eat sugary cereals or candy or sugar drinks in the morning as they will ruin your day, leaving you unable to achieve any goals. It is best to eat a high protein breakfast that includes eggs, peanut butter, oats, or nuts, and make sure that your diet has 4 to 5 servings of fruits and vegetables every day.

Stop Excessive Use Of Smartphone:

Too much use of the mobile phone can also lead to stress; not only this but research also shows that overuse of smartphones can also affect your mental health negatively so it is important to keep away the mobile phone when you are working on a big project. Check your social media feeds just once or twice a day instead of picking up the phone on every ping; the best thing to do is to turn off all notifications or put the phone or airplane mode when you are working to avoid distractions. Many apps have been designed to help students focus on their studies; you can use them to either keep a track of how much time you are spending online or set daily limits to avoid wasting time.

Spend Some Time In The Sun:

Spending some time in the sun is one of the most effective ways to beat stress and increase your serotonin levels. Even 5 to 15 minutes of sunlight per day will keep the serotonin levels in a healthy range and you will be in a better position to manage things. Going out is good for the mind and body and helps you reenergize and you will be able to focus on the assignment in a much better way. With the best tried and tested practices, you can look forward to beating stress and completing the assignment on time, at the same time enjoying a healthy mind and body.