Novels for University Students

5 Inspirational Novels for University Students

Books are among the best sources for inspiration and motivation. They are indeed a man’s best friend. Now much how much the technology has evolved, there is something in the physical books that it cannot replace. We read thousands of books during the time period of our lives but some stories establish a long lasting effect on our minds. These stories inspire us to the extent that we carry their lessons with us throughout our lives. Below, experts of dissertation writing services have recommended some inspirational novels that every university student need to read in order to get a whole new perspective to various things and people around him.


It is a wonderful tale that was written in 1996. This tale discusses the life of a spoiled brat named Chris McCandless who has been brought up in a well off family. Chris McCandless has all the necessities of life but the one thing in which he was lacking was the basic concept of reality. When he was young he escapes from his house in order to experience the reality of the outer world and live on his own in the United States, from where he moves to Alaska. The book defines the basic traits of heroism and how much sacrifices are to be made to reach that level. It discusses that how the decision of Chris McCandless impacted his family life, his education and hiss passion.


This book can be called as one of the most impactful books in terms of personality development and growth. Steven R. Covey has discussed the individual perspectives and challenges them. It helps people to look at their problems in a different way. It describes the fundamentals that how a person can keep a balance between his personal and professional lives and how this balance can lead to the positive outcomes in every aspect of an individual’s life. The book can be considered as a blend of inspiration, development and practices that can help students to determine the right direction.


Published in the year 2003, it is among the most influential works of Khalid Hosseini. It portrays a simple picture of life in front of the people. The story discusses the tragedy that strikes the friendship of two friends and the problems they have to face after this tragedy. The readers can easily relate to the characters of the story. It discusses the individual’s attitude towards life and characters sacrifices for the people who are dear to them. An amazing story with some of the amazing characters can change your view of life, things and individuals around you.


This is an interesting story of the boy name Jonas, who is a member of the society that has gotten rid of all the emotions to avoid the mistakes of their ancestors. Jonas is then assigned with some responsibilities where he gets to know that he has a very different perspective to life and he believe in things that does not exist in real life. In these circumstances he has to make decisions that lead to his character development and well-being of his society. Students will analyze as how to develop their personalities in the challenging environment and what can be their strategies to work for their societies.

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This piece of writing explores the various ways in which the author thinks. It was published in 2011 and it highlights that how an individual can achieve success in his life by changing his thinking. Slow, rational and deliberate thinking can pave new paths of success for a person. Our thoughtful decisions can have long lasting impacts on our lives. This book opens the doors to self-discovery by providing astonishing insights in the self. Individuals can learn the value of self-help while going through this book.

These books will help you to pave your path to success. The inspiration and motivation provided by these books can facilitate you to decide the best for yourself in the challenging situations. University students often lose hope at the very beginning of their degree programs because of the demanding routines of the universities. These books will increase your motivation level and provide you with best examples as how the characters have developed their personalities and fight for their purpose. You will discover that success belongs to those who work hard and struggle for their goals.