UK Travel Rule

UK Travel Rule: Which Countries Are Still on the Red List

UK’s Travel Rule

With the outbreak of Covid-19 pandemic, the world is facing severe challenges. The travelling sector is one of the most affected sectors among all the others. Under these severe health crises, the world introduced severe travelling restriction rules. To survive in this severe health crisis, the government of UK displayed a red list. The government of UK does not allow passengers from the red list to enter the territories of UK. UK has the right to add or delete any country in the red list. The addition and deletion of red-list countries depends upon the current situation of Covid cases. It also depends upon the percentage of vaccinated people within the country. This article will discuss the current travelling rule of UK along with the identification of red and non-red listed countries.

Red List Countries

The transport secretary of England announced that the government of UK decreased the number of red list countries from 47 to 7. The removal of countries from Red list increases the chance of people who wish to travel to the UK. Furthermore, according to the UK government, passengers from the countries eliminated from the red list do not need to quarantine in hotels. Given below is a list of countries that are no more a part of the red list;

List of countries removed from UK’s Red lists on 10 October 2021
·         Cape Verde                     

·         Burundi

·         Zimbabwe

·         Afghanistan

·         Zambia

·         Angola

·         Uganda

·         Bolivia

·         Uruguay

·         Argentina

·         Botswana

·         Suriname

·         Sierra Leone

·         Chile

·         Mongolia

·         Dominican Republic

·         Cuba

·         Eswatini

·         Congo (Democratic Republic)

·         Costa Rica

·         Burundi

·         Brazil

·         French Guiana

·         Indonesia

·         Georgia

·         Malawi

·         Mayotte

·         Montenegro

·         Tanzania

·         Thailand

·         Somalia

·         Sudan

·         Namibia

·         Eswatini

·         Paraguay

·         Tanzania

·         Ethiopia

·         Philippines

·         Rwanda

·         Trinidad Tobago

·         Tunisia




List of countries still in Red list
·                  Panama

·                  Colombia

·                  Venezuela

·                  Peru

·                  Ecuador

·                  Haiti

·                  Dominican Republic


Rules for Travelling from a Red list Country to England

UK Travel Rule 1If you land on a red list country as a transit stop, you should read the following rules. A transit stop is a place from where you can change your transportation (aeroplane or ship). Transit stops will not affect your arrival in England under the following conditions;

  • You did not give your ticket or passport to any outsider.
  • When no new passenger enters the plane at the red-listed transit stop.
  • When you did not spend time with any passenger from a red-listed country.

Similar sets of rules are also applicable when you travel to England in your private plane. These are highlighted as follows;

  • If you stay in a red-listed country, you have to follow the red list rules (quarantine in hotels).
  • You have to add the route you have taken to reach England in a Passenger locator form.

Red-list Rules for When You Are Travelling with Children

Experts of a PhD dissertation writing services firm have shared a list of the children travelling from any country to England must have a negative Covid-19 test. The negative Covid test must not be older than three days before travelling.

After they arrive in England, the children will have to quarantine in the hotel for ten days. The quarantine of such children will not end until Covid-19 tests after the ten days of quarantine come negative.

Further, children under four years old do not need to submit a Covid-19 negative test. But, still, children under age 4 have to manage 10 days’ quarantine.

Vaccination Status

Another rule you have to follow while travelling the UK is aimed towards checking whether a passenger is vaccinated or not. Even if you are travelling to the UK from any non-red list country, your vaccination status is considered an important aspect.

  • Vaccinated Travellers

Rules for vaccinated travellers include the following;

  • If you are vaccinated and want to travel from a non-red listed country, you do not need to arrange a quarantine hotel package. In addition, vaccinated passengers have not to undergo a Pre-departure Covid test.
  • On 10th October 2021, Grant Shapps, an England transportation secretory, explained that passengers with NSH or country-specific vaccination certificates can travel to the UK. If a vaccinated traveller arrives in England, they will replace the day 2nd Covid test with a simple lateral flow one. As a result, lateral flow tests will reduce the test cost of passengers. Especially after they arrive in England.
  • If a vaccinated passenger is declared Covid positive, the England government isolates him and performs a PCR test. A PCR test will confirm the presence of any other variant.
  • Non- Vaccinated Travellers

UK travelling Rules for the non-vaccinated travellers are as follows;

  • A non-vaccinated UK traveller must submit their negative Covid test report dated three days before travelling.
  • For non-vaccinated passengers, a ten days’ isolation package of any English hotel is compulsory.
  • The passenger has to get ready for Day 2, and Day 8 Covid tests.

UK Traveling Restrictions for the Red-Listed Passenger

UK Travel Rule 2If you are interested in going to the UK, you must know that only Irish, and UK nationals can enter the country.

  • Grant Shapps explained that they will still extend their vaccination policies for the United Arabs Emirates, Japan, and Canada.
  • Grant Shapps explained that the UK recommended vaccinations are as follows;
  • Oxford AstraZeneca
  • Pfizer-BioNTech
  • Moderna and Janssen (J&J)
  • Covidshield
  • Further, by allowing the above mentioned covid vaccines, UK has opened its gates for many territories and countries.
  • Grant Shapps added that they are going to add many more countries to the non-red list.

The management of coursework help firm said that apart from this, the UK’s decision to still keep Pakistan on the red list is quite controversial. So this decision of the UK government to add Pakistan to the red list and India to the amber list must have political bases. Moreover, British Pakistanis said that the hotel cost for quarantine in the UK is £500 higher than before. So a ten days’ quarantine policy of the UK is difficult to afford for people of the developing countries.

Labour MP has raised the issue of description in under developing travelling policies. Red list merits should follow the criteria of percentage vaccinated population. The red list must make decisions on the percentage of total vaccinated people in a country. But in the recent years, UK’s decision to add some, or remove other countries from the red list might be governed by political interest.